Slow Smoked Loin Back Ribs

Slow Smoked Loin Back Ribs

18th August 2018 Off By Jackie Weight

Loin Back or Baby Back Ribs are sweet, juicy and tender.  This recipe tells you how to BBQ them perfectly, until they are soft and almost falling off the bone.

  • Loin Back Ribs – leave racks whole
  • Rib Rub – my JW Rubs, Pork Rub #2 is perfect for these
  • 100ml ginger ale or cider or fruit juice
  • BBQ Sauce

IF the ribs have a membrane, it must first be removed to do this, lift a corner of the membrane near the smallest bone, grip and pull it off from the whole rack of ribs.  Do not Skip this part!!

Prepare your smoker to cook in-direct (this is where you have the fire on one side of the BBQ leaving space for the meat on the other side)temperature around 225F or 110C.  Add some apple or whisky barrel wood when the meat goes in).
Liberally sprinkle both sides with the Rib Rub, not forgetting the tips of the ribs.
Put the ribs into the smoker and cook for 2 hours.  After 2 hours remove the ribs from the smoker and wrap (bone side up) in foil, creating a loose pouch.  Pour in some liquid (around 100ml is great) such as ginger ale, cider or apple juice, seal the pouch to stop any steam escaping.  Put back into the smoker for a further hour.
Check the ribs are cooked by how soft they are, they should be pliable and bend easily without breaking, at this point open up the pouch and flip the ribs over to expose the top of the ribs, coat with more BBQ Sauce and return to the smoker until the glaze is set and sticky, (approximately 5-10 minutes).
Remove from the smoker and serve.