Cook Book

Cook Book

I am excited to announce that my Cook Book is now available to purchase. Approximately one hundred and eighty eight recipes, most with colour photos, including rubs, sauces, fish, meats, vegetarian dishes, cakes, cookies and breads, to cook either on your barbecue or in your kitchen.

This book is a collection of my favourite recipes that can be cooked on a barbecue and indoors in the kitchen.  Every photo was taken just before the food was eaten, so you can trust that the recipes are presented honestly.

Most of the recipes are cooked using the indirect barbecue method, which reduces the risk of over-charring or burning and creates a more gentle, delicious flavour,

Whether you prefer to cook outdoors or indoors, you’ll find something to love in this book.  I hope you enjoy recreating these recipes as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

To buy a hardback copy of my book, please click here.

I will sign the book, but if you want it personalised, please add details in ‘Your message for the Merchant’ on the checkout page and I will be happy to personalise it for you.

Thank you 🥰

RRP £24.99